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Introducing Razom.co.nz: A New Community Marketplace for Ukrainians in New Zealand


What is Razom.co.nz?

Razom, meaning 'together' in Ukrainian, represents the core values of our community. Razom.co.nz is a unique marketplace featuring a directory of companies, listings for services, and a platform to buy and sell both new and second-hand goods. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to showcase your business, a family seeking authentic Ukrainian products, or an individual aiming to connect with others who share your heritage, Razom.co.nz is the place for you.

Key Features

  • Companies: Discover a comprehensive directory of Ukrainian companies operating in New Zealand, ranging from authentic eateries to specialized service providers.
  • Services: Find talented photographers, skilled carpenters, or any other professional services you need, all within the Ukrainian community.
  • Goods: Browse through a wide selection of new and second-hand items, including Ukrainian crafts, everyday essentials, and more from trustworthy sellers.

Why Join Razom.co.nz?

  • Community-Centric: Created with a strong emphasis on community values, Razom.co.nz aims to foster collaboration, trust, and mutual support.
  • Diverse Offerings: Explore an extensive range of products and services, all under one roof.
  • Sustainability Focus: By encouraging the sale of used goods, we promote a more sustainable and responsible way of living.

Get Involved

Join us today and be part of a thriving Ukrainian community in the land of the Long White Cloud. Connect, collaborate, and celebrate our shared heritage. For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact us.

Razom.co.nz – Together, we are one.

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